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рулетка правда или действие онлайн

Рулетка правда или действие онлайн

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рулетка правда или действие онлайн

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Get ready for hard questions and hilarious tasks! What you only need in this simple party game is a few participants you and your friends and our Truth or Dare app!

рулетка правда или действие онлайн

Several modes are available. The app offers a lot of settings, modes, rotating tasks, while a dedicated algorithm helps avoid repetitions. There are many tasks for multiple players.

Правда или действие Генератор вопросов и симулятор

Some tasks and questions are gender-sensitive. Play at parties, with friends or people you love! Try Truth or Dare! Relax and enjoy it! Stay alert. The game can suit both children and people over 18 years or even 21 which is better.

Правда или Действие вопросы

You can download the game for free and play offline. It comes with free questions and tasks and has no in-app purchases so far. Reviews Review policy and info.

рулетка правда или действие онлайн

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рулетка правда или действие онлайн



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